Meghan Trainor

American singer, songwriter and music producer from Massachusetts, USA. She became famous in 2014 with her song “All About That Bass” which topped the charts in several countries and became a worldwide hit. Curiously, this song was prepared to be given to other artists, was rejected among others by Adele and Beyoncé, until reaching Epic Records where they were surprised by herself and decided to sign a contract and began the production of her album.

Her musical style is a mix of pop, R&B and soul, and both her lyrics and her actions are usually about topics such as female empowerment, self-esteem and self-love.

Her song “No” became an anthem to women facing of the incessant harassment of which they are usually victims. The videoclip of her single Me too was taken down from social media by herself after seeing the Photoshop modifications to here body, forcing later to upload and promote the real version.

Trainor has also been a judge on the TV show “The Four: Battle for Stardom” and has acted as a coach on the British version of “The Voice”. Some of her themes were included in animated films such as “Smurfs: The Lost Village” and “The Peanuts Movie”.

Thelonious Monk

An influential Pianist and Composer who, with his style heralded the changes that would come later during the Bebop Era. Owner of a complicated and enigmatic persona, both his music and himself were the object of varied sentiment.

He reached an early recognition in the Jazz field thanks to his role as Piano Player at Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem during the 40s. Despite Swing was the most popular style at that time, Monk and several of his companions paved the way for the arrival of Modern Jazz. His pieces and compositions were so complex, even for Bebop, that he remained relatively unknown for the Big Public (not his colleagues) until a show made with John Coltrane in 1957.

From that moment on, he jumped into stardom, recorded several albums, made tours around the globe and collaborated with dozens of great artists of the time. His popularity reached such a point that he was chosen as the face for Time Magazine, one of the few musicians in history.

His life can be summarized with a phrase by him during his final days: I’m famous. Ain’t that a bitch?

Black Pumas

Founded in 2017 by singer Eric Burton and guitarist and producer Adrian Quesada, Black Pumas emerged in Texas in a curious way:

The artists say that Burton was playing with street musicians in Austin when a friend of Quesada passed by and was surprised with his talent, he asked for Eric’s phone and gave him the phone of Quesada who wrote to him by SMS. Burton took a long time to contact him back (his friends teased him for “playing hard to get”) but finally he called Quesada, sang some verses over the phone and Black Pumas was born.

The musical style of Black Pumas shows a series of very clear influences: Soul music, Funk of the 60s and 70s and Psychedelic Rock. Eric Burton’s voice, with its power and emotion, is one of the main characteristics of the band.

Some of his most popular songs are “Colors”, “Fire”, “Know You Better” and “Black Moon Rising”.

Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane is an American singer-songwriter and musician from South Carolina (USA). She is usually referred to as the First Lady of the Outlaw-Country, due to her somewhat punk attitude.

Her music is known for blending Classic Country, Rock & Roll, and Blues. She has been compared to that of Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline and she has toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. In addition to her solo work, she has collaborated with a variety of other musicians, including Lana del Rey, Jonny Fritz, The Black Belles, and The Yawpers.

Fashion is also part of her profile, she worked as a fashion designer and launched her clothing line, High Class Hillbilly, whose designs have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

She has released four studio albums, Walk of Shame (2011), All or Nothin’ (2014), Highway Queen (2017), and most recently, Denim & Diamonds (2022).

Charlotte OC

Alternative Pop Artist from Blackburn, England; she is undoubtedly one of current music’s most promising artists as is reflected by the Press’ appraisal.

Her earlier music has a dark hue, with folk and country shadings, moody blues and downtempo electronic elements; while her later works show a new exploration of sounds. When asked about the influences on her life, she explained: “My dad surrounded me with folk music and my mum surrounded me with the soul music… Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Marvin Gaye.”

Her albums “Careless People” and “Here Comes Trouble” show a great musical growth, and her singles “Mexico”, “Bad News” and “Boyfriend” (An anthem to independent women) are the bases of a promising future.

Charles Aznavour Paris 3

Charles Aznavour

Despite being born in Armenia and having a great personal identification with his native country, his name is immediately associated with France and the classic songs of love and breakup.

His distinctive voice and versatile repertoire made

him one of the leading figures of the European music scene in the 1950s, among his music we can find songs typically of the Chanson Française but also others from Folk, Pop, Jazz, Cabaret and even Gospel.

Throughout his career he made countless compositions, such as “La Bohème”, “She”, “For me, formidable” and “Hier encore”. Several of them he even composed or sang in languages other than French, such as English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and of course Armenian.

Aznavour is considered one of the most influential and successful artists in French and world music. He sold more than 180 million records worldwide and was honored with numerous awards and recognitions, including the Grammy Award for Artistic Career in 1996.

In addition to his musical career, Charles Aznavour had a successful film career participating in dozens of films, both in France and Hollywood. And in 2009, he was appointed Armenian Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO.


One of the Rock Bands destined for eternal success, creators of magical compositions and fine melodies that carry a myriad of feelings in each listener. Originally formed by Mick Jones, Lou Gramm, Ian McDonald, Ed Gagliardi, Dennis Elliot and Al Greenwood, the band is still rocking up to the present day with a completely different formation still lead by Mick Jones.

Among their works there are hits usually heard in every radio, enormous classics like “Cold as Ice”, “Waiting for a Girl Like You” y “I Want To Know What Love Is” that kept their place as Top Song around the World for decades already. They also have lesser known songs, but equally powerful each in their own way like “Headknocker” and “Starrider”.



Claptone is an electronic music duo, consisting of German DJ and producer Clap and English producer and vocalist Tone.  They are usually recognized for wearing a golden-billed mask, similar to the Doctors of the medieval Plague, and white gloves, so their identity remains a mystery, apart from being from Berlin.

His initial leap to fame was hand in hand with the single “No Eyes” ft.  Jaw, which reached number one on the UK Dance Chart in 2013.  Since that time, they released several singles and four albums, Charmer (2015), The Masquerade (2016), Fantast (2018) and Closer (2021).

Their music is generally classified as House Music, specifically a mix of Deep House, Classic House and Tech House. They often incorporate elements of disco, funk and soul into their music as well. Their live performances are dynamic to s and energetics, usually incorporating visual elements such as extravagant dancers, flamethrowers and, of course, masks for the entire audience.

“I feel like people love stories, that hasn’t changed in centuries. They love myths. They love to be intrigued. They love to enter a different world.”


After a first and notorious album, “Mangroves”, the Rovskis sisters return with a new one: “La Proie est reine”.   Listening to it one can imagine two sisters, two warriors of poetry, two women on the run from a tribe. In any case, their singing is like a spell and the bow of the violin as if it were a magic wand.

Combining the organic of the instruments with electric keyboards and loops, these urban Amazons Sonia and Olive have healed their wounds and put all their skill at the service of this new album frustrating the obvious, uniting and crushing their differences to invent a common language.

Between March 21 and 29 of 2023 they will be performing in different stages of Chile within the framework of the “Jour de la Francophonie” organized by the French Institute.

Two twin sisters. Dissimilar. In search of new lands to discover, explore and flourish.

Burt Bacharach

Born in Kansas in 1928 but growing up in Queens, NY, Burt Bacharach started studying Cello, Drums and Piano at the age of 12 by his mother’s insistence. He used to despise playing the Piano, for his dream at that time was to become a Professional Football Player. His small frame and his musical talent took him through a different path.

As a teenager, he ended up falling in love with Jazz and forming his own High School Band with which he gained exposure playing at parties and events. Later on he delved into music studying at the Mannes School of Music in New York City; at the Berkshire Music Center; and at the New School for Social Research, where he studied under composers Bohuslav Martinu, Henry Cowell and Darius Milhaud. He was also awarded a scholarship to the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California.

After serving in the army, he worked in Nightclubs and restaurants accompanying performers like Georgia Gibbs, Ames Brothers and Polly Bergen. In 1957, he started collaborating with lyricist Hal David and together they reached success almost immediately with hits like “The Story of My Life” and “Magic Moments”.

During several decades, he worked creating, arranging or producing songs with several talents like The Drifters, Marlene Dietrich, Jackie DeShannon, Dusty Springfield, The Carpenters , lvis Costello and most specially with Dee Dee Warwick (with whom, alongside Hal David formed a formidable team).

He also participated in several Films, composing music for movies like “Casino Royale”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, the Italian film “Together” and “Arthur” and also acting in the Austin Powers movies. Several Films and Documentaries gave homage to his career along the way, as well as different Musicals like “What the World Needs Now”.

A prolific composer, producer, conductor and arranger, whose works and collaborations spawn over long decades and multitude of artists; whose awards and prizes would need a whole new page to detail. A major name in the history of Music, that left a mark in every possible area of the music and that still to this day defines and inspires musicians all over the world.

Listen here Bacharach’s selection

Black Sabbath

During the year of “Peace & Love”, a group of musicians decided to take a different path and embrace the darkness of a time marked by the fire of war and repression.

With an extreme sound of power-guitar and a somber ambience, their lyrics mention both God and the Devil, Sorcerers and Dark Magic, while still approaching topics as the Planet’s devastation.

Initially formed by Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, the band produced such a disruption in Music that they were instantly thrown into success, top charts and World Tours. And all this despite the shivers of terror and the negative public opinion.

They are one of the transcending Bands of Rock in history, and always mentioned as one of “The Unholy Trinity” of Heavy Metal.

Listen here Black Sabbath´s Playlist 

Philip Glass

Through his operas, his symphonies, his compositions for his own ensemble, and his wide-ranging collaborations with artists ranging from Twyla Tharp to Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen to David Bowie, Philip Glass has had an extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the musical and intellectual life of his times.

Native to Baltimore, and born in 1937, Philip Glass studied at the University of Chicago, the Juilliard School and in Aspen with Darius Milhaud. He moved later to Europe, where he studied with the legendary pedagogue Nadia Boulanger and worked closely with the Sitar virtuoso and composer Ravi Shankar. Back in New York in 1967 he formed the Philip Glass Ensemble, made of seven musicians playing keyboards and a variety of woodwinds, amplified and fed through a mixer.

The new musical style he developed was eventually dubbed as “Minimalism”, despite Glass himself never liked the term and preferred to speak of himself as a composer of “music with repetitive structures”. Much of his early work is based on the extended reiteration of brief, elegant melodic fragments that weave in and out of an aural tapestry, immersing a listener in a sort of sonic weather that twists, turns, surrounds and develops.

His Music production certainly has nothing of “Minimalist”: In the past 25 years, Glass has composed more than 25 Operas, large and small; 12 symphonies; a variety of Concertos for different instruments and formations; as well as Soundtracks for Films and Documentaries.

Among his Operas should be pointed out “Einstein on the Beach”, “Satyagraha”, “Akhnaten” and “The Voyage”, among many others played throughout the world’s leading houses, and rarely to an empty seat. His catalogue of Soundtracks includes Documentaries of Jean Cocteau, the films of “The Hours” and “Kundun” by Martin Scorsese and also the Film “Koyaanisqatsi” which may be the most radical and influential mating of sound and vision since “Fantasia”.

For all this, Philip Glass is considered the first composer to win a wide, multi-generational audience in the opera house, the concert hall, the dance world, in film and in popular music – simultaneously.

Listen here Glass selection

Astor Piazzolla

Argentinian Composer and bandoneon player, Astor Piazzolla is one of the responsible of the Renewal at Tango with masterpieces as Libertango, Oblivion, Zita . In his Music, coexist the most traditional Tango, Classical Music and Jazz, mixing their languages, techniques and styles; providing a novel and most appealing facet to his Music.

Born in Mar del Plata in 1921, he moved to New York with his parents and lived there since 1924. There he received from his father a second-hand Bandoneon as a gift, instrument that would remain tied to his figure from that moment. He studied music under the tutelage of Bela Wilda and Terig Tucci, and later in his adulthood with Alberto Ginastera in Buenos Aires and the famous pedagogue Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

Piazzolla’s career straddled between the Old and the New World. He performed as Bandoneon player in the Orchestras of Miguel Caló and Aníbal Troilo, and wrote arrangements first for the Orchestra of Troilo and then for José Basso, Miguel Caló and Francini-Pontier. He also formed a String Orchestra in Paris with musicians from the Paris Opera and with Lalo Schifrin and Martial Solal alternating on Piano.

In 1955 he founded the Octeto Buenos Aires with first line musicians as Enrique Mario Francini and Hugo Baralis (Violins), Roberto Pansera (Bandoneon), José Bragato (Cello), Aldo Nicolini (Bass), Horacio Malvicino (Electric Guitar) and Atilio Stampone (Piano). Various of the Octeto’s versions influenced heavily the future evolution of his Tango due to the rhythm and counterpoint novelties.

Some years later he also formed a Quinteto with a variable formation that would change along the years, and through which would pass musicians as Elvio Bardaro, Dante Amicarelli, Antonio Agri, Horacio Malvicino, Oscar López Ruiz, Kicho Díaz, Osvaldo Manzi and Cacho Tirao. In 1968 he composed alongside the poet Horacio Ferrer the Opera María de Buenos Aires, and an year later they would continue working composing much simpler works for the voice of Amelita Baltar such as Balada para un Loco and Chiquilín de Bachín.

The musical style of Astor Piazzolla granted him an enormous success in Europe, but generated enormous controversies in Argentina where it was always discussed whether his Music was genuinely Tango or Not. Until this day, his music sparks passions of all kinds in those hearing it, and his name remains unyielding in the summit of Music no matter the public.

Listen here Piazzolla’s selection

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Protagonist of a complex childhood and adolescence in Canada, Abel Tesfaye began a path of success anonymously on YouTube in 2011 under the name The Weeknd. The name refers to the moment he and a friend decided to leave school for a weekend never to return.

His music contains a great versatility and variety of styles, with sounds at times dark or melancholic (sometimes inspired by personal experiences) along with explicit and controversial lyrics, but sang elegantly. His musical style is generally qualified as the best example of Alternative R&B, with Michael Jackson and Prince as his main influences. In addition to sounds that show their Ethiopian roots and Arab culture.

Throughout his career he released 5 albums, dozens of singles and collaborated in productions with artists of all kinds, including Drake, Sia, Beyoncé, Rosalia and Lana del Rey. He received many awards, including 4 Grammys, 1 Latin Grammy and 20 Billboard Music Awards.

The best example of his musical reach just happened: His song “Blinding Lights” became the most listened to song in Spotify history.

In 2023 he will headline a tour of Latin America, visiting Mexico City, Bogotá, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.


Barbra Streisand

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Director and much more. Barbra’s list of facets, activities and successes is endless and spans a career of more than 6 decades that made her an icon of American Culture.

In her musical facet, she recorded more than 70 albums, exceeded 200 million sales worldwide and received dozens of awards (2 Oscars, 10 Grammys and 5 Emmys among others). She is considered the No. 3 artist on the Billboard 200 chart of all time.

In addition to music she has had a successful career in acting, participating in about 20 films for which she received 2 Oscars, 1 Tony and several Golden Globes. Some of her best-known films include “Hello, Dolly!”, “Funny Girl”, the classic “A Star is Born” and the most recent “Meet the Fockers” and “The Guilt Trip”.

In addition to her work in entertainment, Streisand is also known for her political and philanthropic activism. She has participated in several political campaigns and has been a prominent advocate for women’s rights, civil rights and environmental protection.

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Originating from Germany, this Pop/Rock band was founded by twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz along with Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer in 2001 and released their first album (Schrei) in 2005 when they were nothing more than teenagers.

They demonstrated their quality in a short time reaching sales of several million records in Germany and extending their influence to Austria, Switzerland and other Eastern European countries. For several years they remained at the top of the charts of their country and such a success led them to re-release several of their albums with songs in English for international audiences.

After several years of albums where they reflected a clear influence of Dark and Emo styles, they began a turn of their musical style towards a more pop and electronic sound, change that continues to this day and in Bill’s words “reflects the growth of the band and fans over the years”.


Cris Morena

Creator of dozens of televisión hits like Chiquititas, Floricienta, Verano del 98 and Rebelde Way, her name is widely known not just in Argentina but also in countries like Israel, Russia or Japan where her productions were a huge success.

Besides her Producer side, in most of her audiovisual creations she was responsible of composing the songs and soundtracks working alongside different musicians. Several of the albums with her songs received awards in Latin America and Argentina, like Latin Grammy and the Gardel Awards.

She also created songs for famous performers of the region like Sergio Denis, Sandra Mihanovic and Xuxa.

Listen here Cris’ selection

Alphaville Pic


The year 2022 marks the iconic 40-year career milestone of “Alphaville”, the successful German Synth-Pop Band.

Originally formed by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and Frank Mertens, Alphaville achieved immediate success with their first single “Big in Japan” and “Sounds Like a Melody”. Both advances of their first album “Forever Young” that also contains the track of the same name that would become a classic.

Interestingly, the band started almost luckily since, in the words of Marian Gold himself, “Nobody could really play an instrument. Music was in our minds, but we relied on synthesizers and things like that.”

Throughout the 40 years of trajectory the formation has changed several times, always with Marian Gold at the head, but with the rest of the members following different paths. This did not prevent the production of 8 studio albums, 6 compilations and 3 Box Sets, in addition to single numbers and re-releases of their classics.

Last September they released the album “Eternally Yours” which contains symphonic versions of their most important classics, followed by a tour in 2023 through cities in Germany presenting the Disc.

Monsta X

Having become one of the most popular and significant groups of K-Pop, this band started back in 2015 with its single “Trespass” and in a short time they developed an activity as intense as their music.

Their Music combines Hip Hop, Dance Music and Pop with an aggressive and potent edge that became their trading mark and got them an immense fandom around the world. Just as they say: “Let the haters hate”

The songs of the group broke several record in platforms, counting millions in YouTube and Social Media with several of their singles reaching Billboard’s Top 5. Over the years they had Tours around the world (Always including South America) and they’ve been part of Films, Reality Shows and TV Dramas. 
Monsta X showed that K-Pop transcends the Language Barrier.


Madison Willing

Film Music Composer, Music Producer and DJ with North London origins, she began her musical training in Classical Flute and Piano at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then her studies in Jazz at the Junior Royal Academy of Music.

Consequently with her education, the pieces created by her slowly evolved into Neo-Classicism and Minimalism, giving us a picture of a technical-musical environment of Edinburgh and Europe.

Madison’s work has been included in several Short Films such as Princess and The Flying Gold of Arabuko (nominated for the BIFA and BAFTA awards respectively). More recently she participated in the Musical Composition of Season 5 of “The Crown“.

In addition to her film works, she has presented a Vinyl EP with producer dBridge called “Made in Silence” (2022), and another one made in solitaire: “Seasons” (2021).



Mötley Crue

With a signature fashion of leather jackets and tight jeans, Motley Crue has been credited as one of the pioneers of the ’80s glam metal scene and is known for their energetic live shows. Owners of a hard-hitting rock and roll with a punk edge, with songs often featuring dark and controversial topics such as sex, drugs, and suicide, they rose to fame in the early 1980s with their debut album, “Too Fast for Love”.

They have since released nine studio albums, four compilation albums, two EPs and two live albums, having sold in total over 100 million albums worldwide. The band’s hits include “Home Sweet Home”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Dr. Feelgood”, “Kickstart My Heart” and “Wild Side”.

As part of their “World Tour” they toured through Latin America, in Mexico DC (18/02), Monterrey (21/02), Bogotá (25/02), Lima (28/02), La Florida Chile (03/03), Sao Paulo (07/03) and Buenos Aires (09/03).


Ludovico Einaudi

Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin on November 23rd 1955. Perhaps it was his mother, an amateur pianist, who gave him the first impulse to music, planting the seeds for what would become a fruitful, illustrious career. He began to study music at the Conservatory of Turin and graduated with a diploma in composition under Azio Corghi at the Conservatory of Milan.

He spent the next several years composing for ballet, films and theater. But it was with “Le Onde” (1996), his first solo album, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel, that he captured piano world’s attention.

The increasing prestige of his soundtracks would be confirmed by “Not of This World” (2000), “Light of My Eyes” (2001), “Strange Crime” (2004), “This is England”, film (2004) and TV series (2010), “The Untouchables” (2011), “Samba” (2014), “The water diviner” (2015) and “The third murder” (2017).

Seven Days Walking is the title of the new album by Ludovico Einaudi, released on March 2019, three and a half years after Elements and a triumphal world tour. Seven Days Walking is divided into seven episodes, seven albums (Day One, Day Two, etc. until Day Seven).

“I remember that in January 2018 I often went for long walks in the mountains, always following more or less the same trail. It snowed heavily, and my thoughts roamed free inside the storm, where all shapes, stripped bare by the cold, lost their contours and colors. Perhaps that feeling of extreme essence was the origin of this album.”

The Doors

With an intoxicating, genre-blending sound, provocative and uncompromising songs, and the mesmerizing power of singer Jim Morrison’s poetry and presence, The Doors had a transformative impact not only on popular music but on popular culture.

The Doors’ arrival on the rock scene marked not only the start of a string of hit singles and albums that would become stone classics in a short time, but also of something much bigger: a new and deeper relationship between creators and audience. Refusing to be mere entertainers, the band relentlessly challenged, confronted and inspired their fans, leaping headfirst into the heart of darkness while other bands warbled about peace and love.

Morrison’s mystical command of the frontman role may be iconic, but the group’s extraordinary power would hardly have been possible without the virtuosic keyboard tapestries of Ray Manzarek, the gritty, expressive fretwork of guitarist Robby Krieger and the supple, dynamically rich grooves of drummer John Densmore.

Though they’ve had scores of imitators, there’s never been another band quite like them. And 50 years after their debut album, The Doors’ music and legacy are more influential than ever before.

Tom Jobim

Creator alongside Vinicius de Moraes of iconic Songs, he was one of the most important icons of Brazilian music and the Bossa Nova movement. His music shows an incredible ability to weave complex harmonies into popular music, adding to his Classical Music background the Brazilian Samba and Folklore, and the sound of cool jazz.

Famous artists like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna and Amy Winehouse have performed the songs he created along his career. His biggest hit, “Garota de Ipanema”, is widely known around the world and is one of the songs with most covers and versions in history, being part of multitude of events like the World Cup 2014.

95 Years have passed since his birth, and his Music remains intact.

Jon Z

Jon Z is a rapper from San Juan, Puerto Rico whose music is equally influenced by reggaeton and American hip-hop, particularly trap. With an Eminem-esque high-pitched voice and a quirky style, his music often sounds like a Puerto Rican counterpoint to rappers such as Young Thug and Future.

Born Jonathan Resto Quiñone in 1991, he first began uploading freestyles to his YouTube channel in 2014. He performed concerts across Puerto Rico and caught the attention of Boy Wonder, who signed him to Chosen Few Emeralds Entertainment. His debut mixtape, The Game Is About to Change, appeared in 2015.

Several singles followed, including "0 Sentimientos," "Mentirte," and "Violeta." Over the next two years, Z made numerous guest appearances on tracks by artists like Frankie Roura, Josh D'Ace, and Mackie while issuing singles of his own like "Nunca Me Amo" and "Pali2".

His debut album, JonTrapVolta, arrived in 2017. He teamed up with his cousin Ele A El Dominio the following year for the LP Super Saiyan Flow, and in 2019 he collaborated with Baby Rasta on Voodoo.

In this particular 2020, Z released a new album “Perdonen la Espera”.

Dolly Parton

Singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dolly is an incredible and versatile figure in the musical history. She is one of the most successful country music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide.

She began her career at a young age, writing songs for other artists and appearing on local television shows. In 1967 she released her first album, “Hello, I’m Dolly”, and has since released numerous hits, including “Jolene”, “Coat of Many Colors” and “9 to 5”.

In addition to her music career, Parton has dabbled in acting, appearing in films such as “Steel Magnolias” and “Joyful Noise,” as well as producing the soundtrack for “Dumplin'” (2018) starring Jennifer Aniston.

Parton is also known for her commitment to charitable causes, actively participating in the fight against illiteracy through her charity Imagination Library. In 2020, it also donated one million dollars to help fund COVID-19 vaccine research.

The Black Keys

It was the year 2001 when Dan Auerbach was trying to record a demo that would allow him to take his music to other cities, Patrick Carney made available the equipment and his basement to record. But the rest of the support band never showed up, and so the now famous duo was formed: The Black Keys with Dan Auerbach on Guitar and Vocals and Patrick Carney on Drums and Production.

The group’s style reflects a passion for Blues and Garage Rock, flaily exploiting influences from the big names of the 60s and early 70s.

As in his origins in the home basement, rawness and imperfections are part of his compositions, many of them recorded in a single take directly at the studio and without previous work.

Throughout their careers, the group received 7 Grammy Awards and 4 of their singles reached the top of the charts. As if that were not enough, they are vastly recognized by their peers: Axl Rose, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Jonny Greenwood (RadioHead) or Kirk Hammett (Metallica), among others, have publicly declared themselves as fans of the band.

Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. She first gained fame in the 90s as part of the R&B group Sista, and later became a member of the Swing Mob collective along with childhood friend and longtime collaborator Timbaland, with whom she worked on projects for Aaliyah, 702, Total, and SWV.

Her solo career took off with the release of her debut album “Supa Dupa Fly” in 1997, which featured the hit singles “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and “Sock It 2 Me.”

Throughout her career, Missy Elliot has been known for her unique style and innovative music videos, which often feature cutting-edge special effects and choreography. Some of her other popular songs include “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.”

In addition to her music career, Missy Elliot has also dabbled in acting and television, appearing in movies like “Honey” and “Ghostbusters” (2016) and serving as a judge on “The Voice UK” in 2019.

She is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative artists in hip-hop and pop music, and has won numerous awards throughout her career, including four Grammy Awards.

Volker Bertelmann.jpg

Volker Bertelmann

The experimental pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann, also known as Hauschka, calls himself a “sound searcher”. He puts table-tennis balls in his piano’s sound box, between the strings he clamps rubber erasers, drawing pins and much more.

The sounds Bertelmann coaxes out of his prepared piano in this way remind you of an exotic drum or an electronic effects device. But in his newest works, the grandmaster of the pianistic mood landscape is now opening up some quite different worlds of sound.

Every faithful Hauschka fan will always recognize the essential features of his music, because even when writing for an orchestra, the four cornerstones of Bertelmann’s musical world are the same: “beauty, ephemerality, melancholy and absurdity”.

In 2022 he received an Oscar for Best Original Score for his work composing the soundtrack of Netflix’s film “All Quiet on the Western Front”.



Aurora Aksnes (born 15 June 1996), known as Aurora, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her first single “Running with the Wolves” was released in 2015 wich obteined a big acceptered in the American press.

AURORA, the 22-year-old raised among the fjords and mountains of Bergen in Norway, who balances her sense of singularity with the deep bond she has with a fan base stretching from Berlin to Brazil, who have supported her with 200 million streams and counting.

Released in 2016, AURORA’s debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” positioned her as an artist unafraid to draw on the supernatural (think hunter’s moons, frozen rivers and wolves), while also mastering epic alt-pop. With her second record, Infections of a Different Kind -surprise-released to widespread plaudits in 2018 -she increased the breadth of her sound, via the choral crescendos.

Now, she’s poised to release her third opus: A Different Kind Of Human. It’s a collection that’s as astounding as her past releases, yet more experimental still, focusing in on ecological crisis, the consequences of rampant individualism, and AURORA’s hope that listeners will take its lyrics as “more than just words, but something [to] bring them into action into the world that we live in now”.

Worldwide commercial: "Running with the wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) by Aurora for Volvo"

Trailer from “Equals”: Aurora "WINTER BIRD by Aurora for Equals"



A musical project that carries in the blood both the Sun and the California Coast (its name in fact, pays homage to the town of Cayucos), full of light and cheerful sounds reminiscent of the Pop music of the 60’s but mixing production techniques of the 21st century.

Originally called Oregon Bike Trails, Cayucas is a duo consisting of twins Zach and Ben Yudin, who also join Banah Winn, Casey Wojtalewicz, and Christian Koons in their concerts.

Up until now they released 4 albums: “Bigfoot” a set of 8 songs with a sound purely associated with the Californian beach, “Dancing at the Blue Lagoon” that contains more emotional and complex songs, “Real Life” that takes a purely Pop sound and “Blue Summer” with a slightly more nostalgic sound and a return to the initial roots of the California of their childhoods.

A band that still has a long road ahead (It started in 2011), but that is already among the most select of International Indie-Pop.


Mark Portmann

Mark Portmann’s music has been heard all over the world, his compositions are part of innumerable movies, trailers and audiovisual work. Mark’s credits as a composer include more than 300 major label album credits and 9 Grammy nominations.

Starting out as a classical piano player, Mark toured the world at a very young age with world class artists before moving to Los Angeles as session musician, arranger and producer.

As an arranger/orchestrator, Mark has worked with The London Symphony OrchestraThe Prague Symphony (over 40 recordings). He has also worked with major film stars like Tom Cruise and Drew Barrymore for some of their Films and Trailers, as well as with Music Stars like Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato in their albums.

Tom Petty

Owner of a magnificent voice, Tom Petty branded a new era in Rock & Roll with his Style, straddling the divide between Classic Rock and New Wave of the 60s – 70s. Despite this, his work shows a certain variety in style showing the deviations he took in different moments of his career towards new sounds or styles, like punk, garage, MTV stardom, concept albums and even experimentalism.

Being born and raised in Florida, his music is usually signaled for having a “Southerner” Style in the US, and his musical interest was sparked after a visit of Elvis Presley to his hometown showing him the glory and impact that generates a music star.

His early years in music saw him being part of several bands like The Sundowners and Mudcrutch, until he formed the one that would accompany him for years: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. The heartbreakers would release several albums (the first one named as the band) like “You’re Gonna Get It”, “Damn the Torpedoes”, “Hard Promises”, “Long After Dark” and “Southern Accents”, all of them having several successful tracks and giving them a well deserved popularity.

Petty was also part of the Supergroup “The Traveling Wilburys”, alongside Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne. The sound of this group, with whom he participated for some time, would became the blueprint for his first Solo Album: “Full Moon Fever”. This album ended up becoming the pinnacle of his career, reaching number 3 in US charts, going triple platinum and gaining him massive popularity with hits like “I Won’t Back Down”, “Runnin’ Down a Dream”, and the still now popular “Free Fallin'”.

After some other successes in solitaire, he reunited with The Heartbreakers in 1996 to record the soundtrack of Edward Burns film “She’s the One”, followed by several more albums like “The Last DJ” and “Highway Companion”.

He died in 2017 at his house, and his family and friends released posthumously different albums as homage to his career and included previously unknown versions of his works in “An American Treasure”, “The Best of Everything”, “And All the Rest” and “Angel Dream”.

His whole life was a reflection of the essence of Rock and Roll: Bands, Albums, Fame, Collaborations and Solo Career.  A name of its own, that left its mark in Music.


Listen here Tom Petty’s selection

Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno is considered the father of Italian singer-songwriters and one of the greatest European songwriters and performers of all time.

He was born on January 9, 1928 in Polignano a Mare (Bari), and inherited his passion for music from his father Cosimo. He learned to play guitar and accordion from an early age and composed his first song at the age of 15.

In 1953 he obtained his first recording contract with RCA Italiana, recording his first successes inspired by the folklore of southern Italy, such as “La Sveglietta“, “La Donna Riccia“, and the famous “Vecchio Frack“.

In 1956, he changed his record company and moved to Fonit Cetra and debuted at the Sanremo Festival with the song “Musetto“. In the same year, he published “Io, Mammeta e Tu” .

In 1958 he took part and won the Sanremo Festival with “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu“, a song written together with Franco Migliacci. It is the consecration of Domenico Modugno among the main protagonists of the Italian and international music scene. The song soon became one of the most famous Italian songs of all time, selling over 20 million copies and reaching the top of the charts all over the world. This huge success led him to win also three Grammys Awards: “Record Of The Year“, “Song Of The Year” and “Best Artist“.

In 1959 he won again the Sanremo Festival with the song “Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)“, while in 1960 he reached the second position thanks to “Libero“.

After the period spent at the Fonit Cetra, in 1964 he moved to Carosello Records, recording other masterpieces such as “L’Avventura” and “Dio, Come Ti Amo“.

He acted in theathral shows and musical comedies such as “Cyrano” by Riccardo Pazzaglia and “Western Di Cose Nostre” taken from a story by Leonardo Sciascia. He also acted in movies such as “Europa di Notte” by Alessandro Blasetti, “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” by Piero Tellini, “Lo Scopone Scientifico” by Luigi Comencini and “Il Giudizio Universale” by De Sica.

In 1993 he recorded his last song with his son Massimo, titled “Delfini (Sai Che C’è)“.
He died on 6 August 1994 in his house in Lampedusa.

The sign that Domenico Modugno has left in the Italian music and culture is so important that today he continues to be honored and celebrated all over the world.

Listen here Modugno’s selection


Purahei Soul

This Paraguayan duo, formed by Jennifer Hicks and Miguel Narváez, combines Latin American folklore with international rhythms such as Jazz, Blues and Soul.

The name also links these aspects: Purahéi means singing in Guarani and Soul refers to African-American sounds and the word Alma in English.

In 2018 they presented their album Swing Guaraní, which contains songs in Spanish, English and Guaraní. The album has been a great success that took them on tour through 19 cities in Paraguay, and then through Latin America and Europe.

Worldwide commercial: "Running with the wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) by Aurora for Volvo"

Trailer from “Equals”: Aurora "WINTER BIRD by Aurora for Equals"