Villagrán Bolaños

A modern band and difficult to fit into a predetermined musical niche, although when listening it quickly refers to the classic Latin American Rock. It contains fusions of Latin rhythms, mixed with rock, funk and some pop even make the musical journey through the album seem like a walk through the most significant regions of South America.

The band was born in 2011 in Paraguay, quickly became a revelation artist and acquired national and international projection. They have 3 studio albums (La fiesta del caos (2012), El ritmo subtropical (2014) and Sonidos siderales (2017)) and 3 live albums.

Among their best attributes are their live performances, they have great power on stage and have performed with great artists such as Calle 13, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Los Auténticos Decadentes, and more.

Several of his songs are already part of Netflix and Prime Video productions, such as Sonidos Siderales and Vibración.

Dafne Usorach

Dafne Usorach is a singer-songwriter from Córdoba, Argentina.

Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of Rosario, she dedicated herself to music from an early age and has been on Tours through several of the Argentine States taking her music and different shows to Schools, Cultural Centers, Theaters and Universities. She has also performed on stages in countries neighboring Argentina (Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Peru) as part of her MotorHome tours and even some more distant countries like Cuba and Ecuador.

Her music is the result of different influences and rhythms, many of them Latin American, and gives a major importance to the role of music and art in society. Many of her songs are related to relevant issues of the society of our time: Equality, Discrimination, Human Trafficking, Ecology.

In her own words: “Approaching art as a transformative medium gave meaning to my songs, and allowed me to answer why and what for I make music. I have tried to make mainstream songs, with less content, but I can’t, it just doesn’t work; I feel like I’m wasting the mighty tool I have in my hands.”

Throughout her artistic evolution she has released several albums (some independently): Néctar (2011), Libre en mi Raiz (2014), Ego (2017), Comuni Canciones (2019) and Conciertos Diez Años (2020).

Recently, in December 2022, she released a new album: “Electro Acústica”, which began to take shape in times of pandemic.

Among her creations are the documentary soundtrack of “El Laberinto de las Lunas” by Lucrecia Mastrángelo, whose songs she compiled in the album “metAMORfosis”, and different shows that combine music with other disciplines like “Mujeres creadoras” (which includes her own songs and  those of other artists such as Violeta Parra, Chavela Vargas, etc. along with a Visual part with images that complement the scene) and “Women of South America” (which includes a photographic presentation of Women’s portraits from all over Latin America).


Purahei Soul

This Paraguayan duo, formed by Jennifer Hicks and Miguel Narváez, combines Latin American folklore with international rhythms such as Jazz, Blues and Soul.

The name also links these aspects: Purahéi means singing in Guarani and Soul refers to African-American sounds and the word Alma in English.

In 2018 they presented their album Swing Guaraní, which contains songs in Spanish, English and Guaraní. The album has been a great success that took them on tour through 19 cities in Paraguay, and then through Latin America and Europe.

Worldwide commercial: "Running with the wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) by Aurora for Volvo"

Trailer from “Equals”: Aurora "WINTER BIRD by Aurora for Equals"


Julián Torres was born in Villa Dolores, Córdoba (Argentina) on August 13, 1986. He is Musician and has a degree in Social Communication (Journalism) specialized in Audiovisual content at the Córdoba National University.

His experience in Media includes a time as staff journalist in the morning magazine “El Show de la Mañana” at Channel 12 (Córdoba) leader in audience during 2008-2013; his participation as correspondent in Córdoba for the Public National TV program “Tomáte la Tarde”; and various live mobiles of informative tourist content about his native state Córdoba.


Since 2015 he is dedicated to Musical Artistic Work, having published 4 studio albums until now.

“Brasil” (2018) is his first album, recorded during a cultural tour in that country. The recording of this album was carried out along several months, using a portable study, and led him to perform in different theaters in Argentina, neighboring countries and even Europe.

“Van Gogh” (2019) was produced in “Traslasierra” (Córdoba) and published by the Sura label. This album was nominated for the Gardel Awards as “Best Album”, “Best Songwriter Song” and “Best New Artist”. During the same year, Julián was chosen to be part of “Canto al Monte Nativo”, an initiative endorsed by the INAMU, in which artists from Traslasierra, compose an album in honor of the native mountainous terrain of the area. This album lead Julián to consolidate his career on national stages and international concerts.

During 2020, and the times of pandemic, the artist produced independently his third studio album: “VENTANA”. This album was presented at the end of the year with sold out tickets in Córdoba and Buenos Aires and received excellent reviews from the public, specialized journalists and Colleagues. Additionally, the song “Cara a Cara” was chosen by Lisandro Aristimuño to be part of “Música Sin Fines De Lucro” (Non-Profit Music), a collection of independent music of free international distribution. For this album, Julián Torres was nominated at the CIEyA Awards (Awards given to music from Córdoba) as “Folklore Revelation Artist”, and his album was nominated for the Gardel Awards 2021 as “Best Album Songwriter” and “Best New Artist”. 

2022 saw the launch of “OLA”, his fourth album recorded on the Argentine coast during a 40-days trip.

Julián Torres believes that “Moment and Place are a fundamental part of the work”, and this is the reason why in his songs you can hear more than music. Each piece carries with it the sounds of the moment and the place in which it was recorded. Generally using Outdoor studies, Julian gives a major importance to what happens at that time and in that exact place.

In parallel to his phonographic productions, the artist accompanies his songs with videos produced in natural settings. His last two albums, for example, were recorded in Traslasierras, with videos shot in the native landscapes of his beloved Córdoba.


Clemente Sánchez Cores

A person who owns more than one passion, a lover of the countryside, airplanes. And Music. Although the latter is the only one not inherited, but was discovered by himself.

His first steps in music were at the age of 10, complemented from the age of 16 with improvement in singing.

In 2018 he took the big step in the life of a musician: He composed his first song.   From that moment, and after a few months of introspection, search for inspiration and immersion in life, the path forward became clearer.

He participated in composition workshops to nourish himself with tools, and in 2021, after a long trip through the United States, he came back home with a wide repertoire of his own songs.

The next step? He began recording in a studio, where he learned about the magical process by which a song goes through the final process of creation.

His first two singles, “Mensaje” and “You Decide” were released in 2022 and incredibly, months later he arrived at OMSA to sign a contract for his songs.

Clemente Sanchez Cores’ is one of those stories where doors open little by little, as one strives for their goals.

It is worth dreaming, but always remembering that we get what we worked for, not what we want.

Varinia Zelko

Varinia Zelko

She was born in the city of Esperanza, Santa Fe, breathing music and outdoors ambience. Her first time on stage was at early the age of six, accompanied by her father, Carlos, who taught her folk music. Later, she would perform a beautiful Latin American popular songbook with his brother Ramiro with whom she later released the album “Canta la Tierra”.

Throughout her stay in Santa Fe capital city, she immersed herself in the world of theater and contemporary dance, experiencing other music genres such as jazz and Brazilian popular music. In addition, she was part of different independent casts with which she toured much of Argentina. She participated in different record and film productions, as well as coordinating dance and theater workshops.

During four years she settled in “El octógono”, a space out of time, in the Traslasierra Valley, Córdoba. In her words, “There, I crossed a threshold to reconnect with my creative being, between wise weeds and profound simplicity. I started composing my own songs and developing the search for stage music.”

At that point, the Serendipia project was born, together with the visual artist Sayi Richiger with whom they created audiovisual works with overhead projectors, they offered workshops in Córdoba, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and regions of Brazil and Uruguay.

After crossing with other artists, she co-founded the theater group “Buen Abrigo” and coordinated singing workshops and musical play.

Her first compositions are grouped in the album “Oniria”.

For nine moons I led a nomadic life and returned home with a backpack full of new songs, projects to share and stories that I will soon publish.

Julian Fiorino

Julián Fiorino began his Guitar studies by the end of 2007, with his father Raúl (Guitarist and Licentiate in Music) and Agustín Zannoli (Guitar Student at the IUNA) with whom he studied until 2013, not only about the instrument but also about musical language and harmony, among others topics.

Between 2010 – 2011 he studied guitar with Román Lacrouts (Graduated in folklore guitar from the “Conservatory Superior de Música Manuel de Falla”).  Since 2010, in parallel, he further studies with Néstor Crespo (Guitarist and Compositor).

In 2015 he graduated with the title of “Technician in Music. Specialty: Guitar ” at the “Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla“.

Currently, he is finishing the Superior Professorate in that institution, with teachers of great level as Máximo Diego Pujol (Guitar and Composition), Guillo Espel (Orchestration and Composition), Gabriel Adamo (Classical Guitar and Composition).

He composed works for cinema and publicity such as: “Tres momentos del día”, “Preludio para piano”, “Suite del viaje”, “Voces detrás de la pared”. 

Works for Ads and Cinema

Juan Zumaeta

Juan Zumaeta is from Tucumán (Argentina), Singer, Guitarist, Author and Composer.

Since childhood he was linked to traditional Argentine Music, by the influence of his mother and brother. He was a member of different Music groups during his teen years in Rio Cuarto (Córdoba), like Nogaice (A trio with Jere and Miguel López) and a Duett called “Palo Norte” alongside Martín Sanchez (From Jujuy).

It wasn’t until 2016 that his musical career intensified. Living then in Traslasierra (Córdoba) he was part of the group “4 Puntos”, which during the period of 2018-2019 made tours through the valleys of Conlara and Traslasierra, mostly in Villa Merlo (San Luis) and reaching the cities of Río Cuarto, Córdoba and Santiago del Estero.

The lockdown imposed by the pandemic situation didn’t stop him from releasing new songs during 2020, which he managed to recorded with the company of acquaintances and musician friends.

Lara Lopez

She is a Singer and Composer of Urban Pop Music.

She was born in April 3rd 2000 in Misiones (Argentina) and currently lives in Berazategui (Buenos Aires) where she finished her studies and started her music career.

Creator of Musical Content in Social Media she started her path making covers of trending songs. In 2018 she entered the world of Music professionally, looking for a future in the industry she loves so much. In her words: “These were difficult years because I didn’t feel confident enough to show what I did”.

After some ups and downs, in 2020 she released her first single “Ando sola” followed by the video clip in 2021. This same year, with renewed confidence in herself, she composed, recorded and released two more works: “Ven y Ama” and “Confundida”.

Next August will see the light her new song: “Ya saben quien viene”


Alfo Urrutia

Born in 1972 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), he began his artistic career at the early age of 14 when he composed the theme song of a local TV program “Pasado y presente de nuestra gente” (Past and Present of our People).

His musical studies began with Piano and Organ at the Fracassi Conservatory, and his career led him in addition to being a Singer and Composer to also add the facet of Producer, Recording Engineer and Professional Sound Operator.

Over the years he has toured through Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, as well as Canada and Switzerland. And since 2017 he has taken his music as a support of great shows, including Joaquín Sabina, Sergio Dalma and Roberto Carlos.

As a musician, he also participated in the shows of different artists such as Javier Calamaro, La Mississippi, Alejandro Lerner, León Gieco and many more.

During the 2023 Tour of Joaquín Sabina at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires he will be the Support Band, with a series of songs of his authorship and the OMSA catalog. The dates to schedule it: March 12, 15, 21, 23, 25 and 27, 2023.

Guillermina Acosta

Guillermina Acosta, is Singer, writer and dancing. She was born in 1982, in Darragueyra, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her first steps as writer was made in his first album “Caminar Preguntando”.
Her songs are inspired in the earth mother and the healing force of nature. GUIA propose sounds and a deep travel by ourselves.

Caminar preguntando, is the first and foundational work of “Son del Valle” collection, which was awarded by National Fund of the Arts (o se pone Fondo Nacional de las Artes?). This collection was included in Sura (Label recorded), which this objective is the distribution and promotion to Traslasierra musicians

Munay Ki Dub

Named after a Quechua (LatinAmerica indigenous language) phrase meaning “I Love Dub”, this power trio of Electronic Dub that represents the new wave of the genre and combines classical instruments with programming, sound effects and digital instruments.

The group is formed by Rebecca Clements, Alejo González and Roby Torcello; all equally authors and composers of the songs published by OMSA.

Their first album, “MKD”, was launched in digital format back in 2019 through Dubophonic Records. It includes songs in both English and Spanish, with thorough lyrics and music genres like Roots Reggae, Electronic Dub, Steppa and Dub&Bass.

Kicking off the year 2020 with a heavy agenda, they presented their new album at the Cosquin Rock 2020 in Córdoba (Argentina). Later on, the Pandemic of COVID 19 forced them to migrate to the Streaming format; which gave them the opportunity to participate in Festivals in Latin America, Europe and even Asia. For this work, they received an award as “Best Streaming Show” by La Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and they were the Winners (by Public Vote) of the Rootstock Awards.

In 2021 they dedicated themselves to their new album: “Groove of Meditation”, recorded in the mythical studio “Los Angeles” in Traslasierra, Córdoba (Argentina). In their own words: “An album of profound feeling, analogue and digital Basses, with dubbed and distorted Guitar, Lyrics guiding towards introspection and the own Groove of Meditation.

Nicolas Falcoff

Nicolás Falcoff, is an Argentine musician, writer and producer born in 1977 in Buenos Aires City, and currently living in Traslasierras’ Valley, Córdoba, Argentina.
His compositions are inspired by the Latin American and River Plate Folkloric Music (Zamba, Chacarera, Murga, Cumbia, Milonga, Candombe) in conjunction with Acoustic Rock, and lyrics deeply committed with the caring of environment, human resources, and Mother Earth.

The snail figure is what inspired him while developing a proyect that now comprises four recorded LPs: La insurgencia del caracol (The Snail’s Insurgence) (2009), Guardianes de la semilla (Guardians of the Seeds) (2012), Germina (Sprout) (2015) and Restos del diluvio (Remains of the Flood) (2019).

The last album contains 10 works, among which is worth noting “Para aquel que nazca en esta tierra” (To those who are born in this Land) which was recorded with the Colombian singer Marta Gomez.

As a writer, he had composed works for theater, cinema and documentaries, among which there are two Tangos composed with his father Federico Falcoff that were part of the Film “El último Beso” (The Last Kiss), released worldwide.

As a performer Nicolas Falcoff has been on tours through different stages in Argentine, although his music is also listened in Colombia, México and even Japan.

As a producer, he has worked with different Latin-American’s artist, with his own Record Sura. One of the most important ones is “Eva Aylloon Canta a Chabuca Granda” that received a Latin Grammy’s nomination as “Best Folkloric Album 2009”.