Sergio Sosa, Córdoba Mi Ciudad

July 6th, Córdoba (capital city of its namesake province in Argentina) celebrates another anniversary. This year, it was a different one because of the pandemic.
For that reason, our singer-songwriter, Sergio Sosa, decided to share in video his new song “Córdoba, Mi Ciudad” which is dedicated to Córdoba city. Song: Córdoba, Mi Ciudad.
Writer: Sergio Sosa

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Purahei Soul

This Paraguayan duo, formed by Jennifer Hicks and Miguel Narváez, combines Latin American folklore with international rhythms such as Jazz, Blues and Soul.

The name also links these aspects: Purahéi means singing in Guarani and Soul refers to African-American sounds and the word Alma in English.

In 2018 they presented their album Swing Guaraní, which contains songs in Spanish, English and Guaraní. The album has been a great success that took them on tour through 19 cities in Paraguay, and then through Latin America and Europe.

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